Privacy policy:

1- In Mokab we know that we are responsible about protecting your personal information, so we storing and processing them through highly protected servers.


2- We are not using your personal information for trading reasons, selling or renting to any third person without taking you permission.


3- If you are not satisfied about Mokab’s system of processing your personal information, whether by transportation or use by any means, please contact us via


Personal customer account:

It includes the process of registering your personal information to complete your electronic transactions in order to contact you. Thus, you have to agree with our terms and conditions, so we can update your registering process and controlling the confidentiality of your identity during electronic payment and delivery process. Moreover, all the customer personal information during registration is protected data according to Mokab Privacy Policy.



Once you use Mokab website it means that you are the first person who is responsible about protecting your personal account and password. Furthermore, you are responsible for all types of transactions that you have made with your personal account. At Mokab we are not liable about any person who is failure of protecting him/her account or personal computer. However, if you are suspect about any kind of transaction in your personal account, please contact us directly by any means of communication.


E- mail communication:

If you used our website services, it means that you have been agreed about receiving

 e-mail in all its forms such as periodicals, E-mail and alerts posted whether it is on the website or application. Based on the above, you are implicitly agreed that all electronic transactions were sent to you by Mokab are legally binding and treated as a written transaction. We have the right to monitor, record, and save any calls, email or any other forms to verify the suggestions and observations, in order to develop and improve our provided services.




Products and customer evaluation:

Customer's evaluation of our products and services entitles Mokab the full rights and authority to republish it whether on the site or by marketing means without customer's approval.